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Incoming Quality Inspection

During Production Inspection (DuPro)

With this inspection, many problems can be found and easily solved. It will be a similar process than the Pre-Shipment Inspection, but during the regular mass production of the goods. We will monitor the production process and test randomly picked samples for a full function and visual check, so that the production process can be improved. Besides, we work hand in hand with the companies to develop a quick action plan to improve their outcome and the quality. It can either performed at 20% of an order that has been completed or direct from the beginning of the production.

As part of these multi-stage inspections, the execution of the purchase order is closely monitored and the intermediary reports will keep you informed about the production progress and the delivery terms. If there is an important delivery deadline, performing Pre-shipment Inspection is not enough because it maybe be too late to solve possible problem. For this reason, the DUPRO secures the right production for the expected quality and condition.