The Inspection Company

We are service provider to support multinational enterprises to avoid wrong shipments, defect goods & fake certificates.

The Inspection Company

The Inspection Company Ltd has been founded in 2007 with the aim to avoid buyers risk on purchasing goods from Asia and improve the products quality. We perform professional Quality Control as Factory Audit, Inspections Service and Sample Testing. No matter if you are SME or multination enterprise; TIC handles each case as an individual job with same priority. Based on your needs and demands, we evaluate a tailor made solutions and service plans to fulfill your standard. For each single Quality Control Service, we develop a specific work instruction, adequate to the product and to your demands.

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Our Inspection Services

Before you book a service, you should know which kind of Inspection is the most suitable. Please select one of the following forms of Inspections for further information.

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How companies measure QC of their products:

Almost half of the produced goods shipped worldly go without any Quality inspections. This could be very risky.

Why do I need QC?

Quality Control is the best way to ensure your suppliers’ work according to foreign Quality Standards. Without it, the risk of obtaining a product that does not meet your requirements is really big. You might need to send your delivery back and waste a lot of time and money. We will ensure that everything flows smoothly.

Why TIC?

Our goal is to improve the products made in Asia by reducing the risks for overseas purchasers and minimizing the return rate of goods to sales location. We have a professional team and work with companies all over the world; therefore, we cover a big range of products such as Electronics, Multimedia, Fabrics, Garments, Furniture, Promotion Items, Tools and others. Additionally our Inspectors have a minimum of five years experience in quality control and an engineering degree.