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Our Inspection Services

Before you book a service, you should know which kind of Inspection is the most suitable. Please select one of the following forms of Inspections for further information.

Incoming Quality Control (IQC)

The IQC includes verification and observation of the raw materials and process needed to produce you order. This is the 1st step to avoid a misleading production and faulty products. Faulty materials or process can be changed at the very beginning of the production to avoid bigger loss or damages later on. For sensitive lead-time and new factories we suggest this service.

During Production Quality Control (DUPRO)

With the DUPRO we monitor and verify the running production of your goods. It takes places when about 20% of goods finished production is mostly used for orders with a sensitive delivery schedule or with new factories. Any wrong process or faulty material which can lead to a serial fault can be eliminated at an early time. This is middle level to secure the quality of your goods.

Pre Shipment Inspection (PSI)

PSI is the most used service and is the last chance for you to verify the products quality and Qty. before the shipment leaves the factory. Randomly picked samples will be tested and checked against the given product specification and details. PSI will check the total quantity of the products, the performance, functionality and outlook and overall appearance as well to verify the documentation, such as EMC, CE, UL, Report and others.

Container Loading Inspection (CLI)

If all goods passed the previous mentioned Inspections, it’s important to have a proper loading to avoid damages on packing and products. It can be possible that wrong goods get loaded or damages makes your goods even unsalable upon arrival. Wet products, wrong products, wrong quantity is just a few of most possible damages happen.

Sample Testing (ST)

We test the samples from your suppliers before they get shipped expansively to your location. Instead of sending possible defects or wrong samples around the globe with high expanses, we do the 1st checking against given specifications and only forward passed samples to you and return failed once to the factory. This saves time and money for you.

Factory Audit (FA)

The FA is mostly needed when it comes to cooperation with new factories. It can uncover weak points in the production- and quality process of your new supplier. It gives you a clear picture about management, quality control, warehousing, production process, general operation and many more. And even avoid you to for fake companies, which just exist by website.

Why TIC ?

Our Goal

Our goal is to improve the products made in Asia by reducing the risks for overseas purchasers and minimizing the return rate of goods to sales location.

Professional Inspectors

We have a professional team and work with companies all over the world; therefore, we cover a big range of products such as Electronics, Multimedia, Fabrics, Garments and etc.

We are a ONE STOP SOLTION Quality Control Service Partner to cover your whole business in all countries and different product lines in Asia.

Our Membership

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