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The packaging is more than the attractive face of your product, it serves to contain, identify, protect, display, promote and otherwise make the product merchant and keep it clean. It is also the first seen and noticeable by consumers. If you’re a packaging...

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Jacket Inspection

Everyone needs a jacket to make them comfortable for this cold season. But imagine you’re a customer at a clothing store where you’re a regular shopper and you buy a jacket that is similar you’ve bought there before but the jacket doesn’t fit as you expect. You’ll...

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Christmas lights inspection

Christmas lights are one of the easiest ways to create a festive and cosy atmosphere. It's a practical way to decorate your home for this Christmas season. But to all consumers, before your purchased a Christmas lights make sure that it is passed and inspected by...

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Ballons Inspection

When it comes to parties, weddings, or other fun occasions, one thing you’ll really need to complete the atmosphere is the presence of Balloons. However, there is more than just the average balloon that hurts your cheeks as you struggle to blow it up. We all know how...

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